On January 1st in the year 1924 Gustav Kracht has found the company CREDO with a small team by his side. A courageous decision: it has been the time after the 1st World War. Anyway he gave up his firm job and took the risk of self-employment.

Gustav Kracht, born on February 28th 1877 at Rehme/Westphalia, has always been close connected to the cutlery production in Solingen. He has been a thinker and a passionate explorer. Still today you can find his inventions in many households. Already in 1912 his can-opener with gearwheel – better known as lever can-opener - was protected by patent. Over the years he took out more patents for the corn cutter developed by Gustav Kracht.

During the first years CREDO mainly produced nutcracker, other kitchen tools and corn cutters, later on the steadily growing company specialised in producing can-opener and more corn cutters. Continuously improvement and new models have been approved by the professional circles already at that time.

From the beginning Gustav Kracht’s son Erich worked in the company CREDO. Together, father and son – maintainer of the idea of top quality – , established such severe controls that they are of importance still today.

In the year 1950 with Gert Kracht, the grandson, the third generation entered the company. He modernized the enterprise and increased the clientele also to foreign markets. In 1960 he took over the management.

In 1970 his sister Erica Gilhaus, née Kracht, joined CREDO as limited partner and her husband, Heinz Gilhaus, became technical director. One year later Erich Kracht deceased. The company now devolved to his children Erika and Gert. Gert Kracht took over the leadership. In 1990 his daughter Gabriele entered the company due to his disease. Since the death of Gert in 1991 Gabriele, industrial clerk and graduate economist, is CREDO’s manager.
Innovative Präzision seit 1924
Product range of the fifties
Spring-fair at Frankfurt about 1950
Factory building 1949