The Credo Pastello assortment

Up-to-date and restrained colors combined with innovative products from the Credo portfolio – that is the charm of Credo Pastello products.

Credo Safety Corn Cutter

The Credo safety corn-cutter now makes the use of a corn-cutter even safer. The unique adjustment between the blade and the safety-clip only guarantee a maximum cut of 0,6mm of your callus.

Credo Flat Callus Rasp

The right tool for beautiful feet!

  • With a coarse rasp blade for removal of thick, hard calluses and a fine rasp blade for after-care, smoothing and removing thinner calluses
  • To change the rasp blade: there is an indentation in the side of the holder. Push the blade upwards from it. Press the new rasp blade back into the holder
  • Very practical and hygienic: There is a collecting tray for skin debris underneath the rasp blade
  • Caution: Not suitable for diabetics and people with strong tendency to bleeding

Credo ceramic callus rasp

The right tool for beautiful feet!

  • For soft, gentle removal of calluses
  • It has a coarse side for thick, hard calluses and a fine side for after-treatment and for removing thin calluses
  • The rasp is made of fired ceramic, which gives it a long life-time
  • Use on dry skin
  • After use just rinse under warm water and leave to dry
  • Use ultrasound to disinfect
  • Diabetics und haemophiliacs: ask your GP or consultant before using it

Credo Duosoft Foot File

For removing of calluses and gentle polishing of the feet

  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Waterproof, can be used on wet skin
  • Removes the callus carefully and gently
  • Little danger of injury because of the fine surface texture
  • Coarse side to be used for pre-treatment and extra fine side for polishing
  • The file-pad is stuck on, can easily be interchanged and replacements can be bought separately
  • Important: Diabetics and haemophiliacs should as their doctor’s advice before use

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